What You Need To Know About Car Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating For Car

Every car owner wants their vehicle to keep looking brand new for a long time. If you want to get this brand new dealership vibe for your car, you will be visiting car wash companies regularly. These stations use detailing methods like polishing, wax, clay bar treatment and more.

Now you must be thinking, is ceramic coating good for your car? In this blog, we discuss a modern car detailing trend called ceramic coating that makes cars look almost spotless. This article will be your comprehensive guide about everything you should know about ceramic coating.

What Is Ceramic Coating

A professional ceramic coating refers to a chemical polymer. The wash station applies this polymer to your car’s exterior to save it from any type of paint damage. Usually, ceramic coating is applied using hands. It quickly blends with your car’s paint, making an extra protection layer of hydrophobia.

Because of the new layer formation and the chemical bonding, the paint job from your vehicle’s manufacturer remains safe. 

Is Ceramic Coating An Alternative To Waxing

Yes, ceramic coating is an alternative to waxing. Its main purpose is to make your car’s paint thing completely safe from any stain marks, grime, or dirt. It also saves the car’s exterior coat from ruining.

It is also known as 9H Nano Ceramic coating sometimes. The pH means how hard the coating is, and this coating is just a semi permanent solution. The coating doesn’t degrade because of weather conditions such as winter, summer, or rain.

What Is The Purpose Of Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating improves your car’s look by giving the best texture to the paint of your vehicle. This protects your car from various elements and detrimental UV rays. 

Ceramic coating also has the following purposes: 

  • It protects your car from contaminants, corrosion, insect acids, and damaging oxidation.
  • It prevents vehicles from etching and chemical stains.
  • It gives an enhanced colour depth and gloss. 
  • It protects your car from discolouration because of environmental impurities, pollutants, and oils.
  • It provides self cleaning properties for your car’s exterior.

The ceramic layer doesn’t just protect your vehicle’s paint. It is also applied to a car’s interior, trim, plastic, wheel and callipers, and glass. A ceramic coating also exhibits hydrophobic properties, which is why applying it to the car’s windshield is magical. 

When you are driving in rainy weather, water will trickle down your windshield easily and quickly.

Things That Ceramic Coating Is Not Good For

Everything has a drawback with its various benefits. We cannot decide if it’s a deal breaker for you or not, but we will discuss its demerits, too, so you can decide for yourself.

It’s Expensive – Ceramic coating pricing is one of the biggest downsides. The average cost of this coating can be quite high.

Not Enough Water Spots Protection – Ceramic coatings give way to easy water spot formulation. Although they form water beads, some beads may dry on the paint, which can be challenging to remove.

Tough Maintenance – Every paint protection needs preparation and maintenance. But sealant and waxes are cheaper than coating. Without proper maintenance, their longevity decreases.

Misleading Claims – Some manufacturers promote false claims about their ceramic product’s longevity. Some sellers make you believe that a ceramic coat may last up to 9 years. It can only happen if you never bring the vehicle out of your garage.

Need An Expert for Application – There are at home kits for ceramic coating available, but they don’t give you desirable results. You will need a professional to get the best possible results, which means you need time and money.

Can I Apply Wax Over The Ceramic Coating

If you apply car wax to the ceramic coating, it’s just like you have put a vinyl wrap over an expensive paint job. Wax can surely protect the ceramic coating, but that means no hydrophobic properties, which defeats the whole purpose of the coating.

Wax over the coat will turn your car into a magnet for dust and contaminants you want to avoid in the first place. 

If you have a used car standing in the driveway for no reason, don’t use a ceramic coat. Instead, get old car removal for cash. Moreover, we recommend you skip the car wax and use the ceramic booster. 

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