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    At Max Cash For Cars Brisbane, you can buy wheels and steering accessories for all types of vehicles at an affordable price. With Australia’s cost of living crisis, most car owners opt for used spare parts rather than buying new ones.And we have provided customers with exactly that. A simple and straightforward way to acquire the highest quality parts without leaving your home. We hold a large inventory that includes Japanese, Korean, American, Australian, and Chinese manufactured parts available at all times.Give us a call and tell us what part you require, and we will inbox you the quote asap.
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    We Cater To All Of Your Needs

    Buy Wheels & Steering Of All Types Of Vehicles

    •  Alloy Wheels
    • Steel Wheels
    • Forged Wheels
    • Cast Wheels
    • Pressed Metal
    • Split Rim Wheels
    • Carbon Fibre Wheels
    • Flow Formed
    • Master Cylinder
    • Brake Rotor (Disc Brakes)
    • Brake Drum (Drum Brakes)
    • Brake Pad (Disc Brakes)
    • Brake Caliper (Disc Brakes)
    • Brake Shoe (Drum Brakes)
    • Brake Booster
    • Brake Pedal
    • Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS)
    • ABS Module
    • Brake Lines
    • Steering Wheel
    • Steering Shaft
    • Steering Gear
    • Drop Arm
    • Ball Joints
    • Drag Link
    • Steering Arm
    • Stub Axle
    • Left Spindle And Kingpin
    • Left Tie Rod Arm
    • Track Rod
    • Spindle And Kingpin
    • Steering Stops

    What Separates Us

    In Brisbane, wheels and tyres are available everywhere. But why should you choose us as your spare parts dealer? Here are the 3 reasons why:

    1. Returns– Wrong order? Unsatisfied with the product? No problem, we have got your back. If in any way you are not happy with the product, we offer easy return options. To learn more contact our customer service representatives today.
    2. Security– Whatever payment method you choose, your personal information will always remain safe with us. Our data encryption will keep your personal information and bank data secure – always.
    3. Delivery– We guarantee you the fastest delivery of parts. Simply reach out to us, book your part, and get it the next morning.
    4. To purchase Queensland’s best Wheels and Tyres, contact us today.
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