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    Cash for cars Sunnybank is a licensed company in the QLD. We are experienced in a wide variety of services such as cash for scrap cars, car removal, eco-friendly car recycling, spare parts, etc. With years of experience in this industry, our professional team of experts is well aware of the changing trends and practices. Armed with this knowledge we provide our customers with top-quality service.

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    Selling a car is a difficult process for any owner, not to mention an expensive process too. The car owner has to spend thousands of dollars on their old vehicle to fix it before selling it. From fixing the internal machinery to painting the exterior of the car, all this takes time and money. And even after all this, the car owner spends hundreds of dollars to tow the vehicle out of their premises.

    To remove all this hassle from the car selling process, we have designed our business model in such a way that customers don’t have to worry about such things. Firstly, we buy all vehicles in any shape and size and all conditions. And secondly, we provide our customers with a free towing service. So when dealing with us they don’t have to stress about these minor issues as we will take care of those.

    Cash for Scrap cars Sunnybank up to $9,999

    We understand how difficult it is to sell a car in these times. Making a personal sale requires a lot of time and effort. The process starts with making the car roadworthy so that it’s worth buying for any buyer. Next is fixing all of the interiors so it would look appealing to the buyer so they can pay more for it. Apart from the internal and external improvements, the seller also needs to place advertisements on various sites and magazines.

    After that seller needs to wait for the buyers. This waiting time depends on the type and model of the car. If it’s a high-demand model then more buyers will line up and if it’s an older car then the seller has to wait a bit longer. Even if the seller finds a buyer they have to invite them into their premises for a test drive. Which is not safe in any way. We remove all these obstacles for our customers when they deal with us.

    We buy all types of cars. No matter what model you have, how old it is, or how damaged it is. We will buy it. And we will make immediate payments for it as well. Customers don’t need to make their cars roadworthy for us to buy. The whole process from acquiring the quote to the payment is done within 24 hours. So if you are in the market to sell your car, come to us. We can buy your car within 24 hours in a hassle-free way.


    Our Eco-friendly recycling process is top quality

    We follow strict rules and regulations provided by the government on the eco-friendly disposing of cars. We as a company, aim to reduce the damage that happens to the environment by the incorrect disposal of toxic wastes and other rusted car parts.

    Step 1

    Firstly, the parts and features that can be removed easily are taken out. This includes all the rusted parts such as the Undercarriage, insides of doors, wheel well, etc. We also dispose of the liquid inside the engine area like engine oils, coolant, battery fluid, and petrol. All the waste is then removed and disposed of in safe and government-enforced ways

    Step 2

    Once the car has been removed from all rust and waste, then the whole of the machine is disassembled. The reason for taking the car apart is so that. all the parts that have been salvaged can be used in other vehicles

    Step 3

    Once all parts are removed, all that is left is an empty frame of the car. All of this is all metal is then sent to factories to be recycled. They then sell the metal to all other industries, which reduces the need to extract more metal. This is a very profitable process. Hence, we can pay our clients cash for cars up to $9,999 in Sunnybank

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    How customers can get in touch with us?

    We are a licensed company located in Sunnybank. If you are ever in need of quick cash for car Scarborough , contact us. We cater to Sunnybank and its surrounding area.

    We have qualified and experienced staff working for us. They have been in the industry for many years and have a well-established network of clients.

    We are a trusted name in this industry and provide our customer’s stress-free experience when selling their cars. Fill our online form and get a quick quote now.

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    Why choose us?

    There are much reason to choose us

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    We buy your car in 3 simple steps

    Our three-step process is the easiest way to sell your car. With us, you can sell your car quickly and efficiently. The whole car selling process takes less than a day and customers have complete freedom to choose when and where the pick-up will be. The three steps are:

    When to use our services in Sunnybank

    There are a variety of scenarios where our services can be of vital importance for customers. Such as:

    “When the customer has a car that is old and needs replacing”

    In this situation, customers can easily avail of our offers and enjoy our free towing service and after-sale services.

    free towing Caboolture
    spare parts

    “When a customer has a vintage car and finding its spare parts are proving to be difficult”

    When we purchase scrap cars we make sure to salvage all of the working parts from it before sending it to the recyclers. So if you have difficulty finding spare parts, you can visit our branch or call us and talk with our customer service representative.

    “If the maintenance cost of the car is not affordable”

    At this time customers can quickly sell their car and use the money earned from this transaction to buy a new car.

    car maintenance
    old cars

    “If you have a car which releases toxic gas in the environment and has low fuel economy”

    Older cars tend to have a less optimal exhaust system and release toxic fumes into the air. To improve air quality we recycle such cars so customers can rid of these and can buy more fuel-efficient cars.

    “If the customer is changing states, they can use our services”

    We provide customers the freedom to decide the date, time, and location for their pick-up. So that even on the very last day of their stay at the current state they can keep their car and then hand it over to us before leaving.

    And there are many more situations in which cash for cars Sunnybank can be used. If you need more information about our services or policies call us or fill the free online form.