Get The Best Old Cars Collection Service in QLD

Max Cash For Cars makes car removal easy for its customers. We provide efficient and cost-effective old car removal services. With us, customers get ease and convenience when selling their vehicles. Our services prevent customers from abending their cars on the roadside. With us, you can easily recycle any of your old unwanted vehicles and also get paid in return.

No matter where your car is we will arrive on time and collect it.

We provide same-day Old Cars Collection services all over QLD including:



We are the top Old Cars Collection service in QLD offering up to $9,999 in cash for all types of vehicles. For hassle-free services, call us.

Fast and Easy Old Car Removal Process

Max Cash For Car makes getting old car collection services accessible for everyone. You can receive our services in few simple steps:

  • Fill our quick quote form that is available on our website. Or just call us via phone.
  • We will ask you for some details about your old vehicle such as its model, make, VIN, condition, etc.
  • We will use this information and provide you with a FREE quote for your car. The more information you provide on the form the more accurate value you will get in the quote.
  • Schedule a car inspection for your car.
  • If you like the quoted value, the next step is getting the car inspected by our experts. They can provide you with a final offer for your vehicle.
  • Customers select the date and time for inspection according to their convenience.
  • Our experts arrive at the decided location and inspect the vehicle. The inspection takes less than 40 minutes.
  • After inspection, they will provide you with a final offer. This offer will be valid for 4 days.
  • If you accept the offer, we will hand over up to $9,999 in cash upfront.
  • And remove your car for FREE.

To get a quick valuation of your car, fill our form today.

Old Car Removal

Various Situations In Which Our Services Can Be Useful

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Old cars are difficult to sell. It’s easier to find a reliable dealership for newer models but getting an old car off your property can be difficult. We are one of the top cash for scrap car services in QLD offering up to $9,999 in cash for any type of old car.We will collect your old car from anywhere in QLD within 24 hours. There are many scenarios in which you can use our services, such as:

  1.  When the vehicle suffered massive damage in an accident.
  2. The vehicle is no longer roadworthy and is taking up space on your premises.
  3. The vehicle is older than 15 years and has no buyers.
  4. You don’t want the hassle of private sales.
  5. When you want to change vehicle but need some quick cash.

If you are in any of the above situations, give us a call. Our customer service team is online 24/7 and will answer all of your queries.

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Top Class Service At Your Fingertips 

We have years of experience in the cash for the old car industry and know exactly what customers want from us. We fulfill their expectations by providing them quick quotes for their old cars. and FREE removal from anywhere in Queensland.All of our staff is highly trained in their respective fields. This ensures us that our staffs carry out all the processes with customers in mind. And will result in 100% customer satisfaction.We have top-of-the-line tow trucks for vehicle removal and a competent customer service team to help you throughout the car selling process.Our wide network of clients all over QLD helps us to sell your car fast and at great rates. And we also provide customers with all the paperwork necessary to sell their car. And pick the vehicle right from their doorsteps. Hence making the whole process stress-free.To know more about our services in Queensland, reach us today!

Types Of Old Cars We Are Accepting

It’s important to make use of all the resources available to us, used old cars are one of them. These old vehicles are a valuable source of spare parts and scrap metals.After we purchase an old car, it’s sent to the dismantling facilities. There we salvage all of the working spare parts from the car and collect the scrap metal. After fixing the spare parts, we sell them at our branch at affordable prices. While the scrap metal that we collect is sold to any industry that is interested in buying it.This is the reason why we accept all types of cars no matter their condition or model. Below is the list of brands we accept:

To get your old car off your property, get in touch with us and avail of FREE scrap car removal anywhere in QLD.