This website is run by Max Cash For Cars, and hereafter will be referred to as ‘The Company’, ‘Our Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ in this policy statement. On this page, we will highlight our policies regarding data collection and user privacy. We will also explain in detail how we will use the data we gather.

Usage of customer data

The information we collect from our customers is mainly used to improve the user experience on our website. Therefore, by interacting with our site, you have agreed to use our services and allowed us to collect your information.

It must be noted that the terms and conditions only apply to our site, and We are not responsible for any third-party website that we might have been linked to. We reserve the right to make any changes to the current privacy policy without prior notification. Customers should regularly refer to this page to learn about any latest updates.

Any brands and logos that can be seen on our website are there for informational purposes only; we do not share any affiliation with them unless specifically stated.

Personally Identifiable Information

The personal data we collect on the site includes:

  • Names
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Cookies

All the data we collect from customers are received on a voluntary basis. And the data is used to provide customers with a more personalized experience.

These policies were designed keeping in mind the significance of the information provided to us, and at the same time, these policies adhere to the country’s privacy laws (Australia).

Data collected and disclosure.

Information collected:

  • Browser data
  • IP address
  • Pages visited on the website
  • Time spent on the website by an individual

The data that is provided by the customers is used only for the purpose that it is stated for. However, if there is a case where information is required for some secondary reason, we will ask the customer for their consent beforehand.

Cases where third-party websites may try to damage the rights of our customers, in that case, we may share the necessary information’s with the law enforcement agencies so that this matter can be handled using the proper channels.

Third-party websites

When you visit our site, you might see links to other websites; these third-party websites are not owned by us and don’t follow our privacy policies. Therefore, be advised that keep your personal information private when browsing these sites as there might be some people who are trying to use your information for hostile reasons.

Data safety

The data we gather from our customers is stored in servers located in the country outside of Australia. When storing data in a foreign country, the privacy law may slightly differ from that of Australia. But keeping this in mind, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that data is transferred in a secure manner. While transferring data, we take all software, hardware, and administrative measures to ensure the transfer is secure.

Changes in policy

Our policies get frequent updates in accordance with the local and international laws. Anyone who wishes to conduct business with us is advised to visit our privacy policy before moving on to our site.

Registered customers get an email notification informing them of recent changes or updates to the policy. This can help customers manage the data they wish to share with us before the implementation of the policies.

Inquires of privacy policies.

We understand the importance of the information that is being shared with us, and we try our best to protect it from outside forces. If our legal experts find any gaps in our policies, we make sure to remedy those inconsistencies.

If you have any more questions regarding the privacy policy, you can contact us or visit the following page: privacy rights.


Services or products

The term here refers to the website, operated by Max Car Removals. The service we provide includes cash for cars, accidental car removal, car wrecking, vehicle disposal, and car recycling. The product here refers to the used spare parts we sell in our stores.

Personal data

Any and all data that we have retained can be used to identify a person. We collect this information from our customers to provide them with a more tailored experience.

Usage data

This data is automatically collected by the computer while using our website.


Small files that are saved by your computer that helps in future references.

Contact us

For any questions relating to any of our processes and policies, feel free to get in touch with us through the following methods.

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