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    We provide top cash for unwanted cars Brisbane up to $9,999

    Max Cash For Cars Brisbane provides a convenient and stress-free way to get rid of unwanted cars. We have a trained staff of 100+ people working as a team that handles everything from picking up the vehicle to filling out paperwork.

    We buy all types of cars regardless of their conditions and pay up to $9,999 in instant cash with no hidden fees. MaxCashForCars can offer this highest price because we are a licensed and trusted business with years of experience. We don’t even need rego slips for removal.

    Whether your car is old, scrap, rusted, salvaged, or damaged in an accident, we will buy it from you and pay you top cash. To get an estimated value of your car, fill out the online form on our website. You will receive your free quote in less than 60 seconds.

    Turn Your wheels Into Wealth With MaxCashForCarBrisbane

    If you are in Brisbane and looking to maximize your benefits by getting top cash for car Brisbane, Max Cash for Cars Brisbane is your ultimate destination. We offer higher payouts, going up to an impressive $9,999, ensuring you get the most cash for your unwanted cars. Our quick quote process takes just a few minutes. We accept a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, vans, SUVs, utes, motorhomes and caravans. Experience added convenience with our same-day removal services.

    We accept all cars and pay top cash for them

    We purchase a variety of unwanted cars from all over Brisbane and offer you 15% competitive prices. At MaxCashForCars, we understand selling in the second-hand car market can be difficult. That’s why our business model focuses on purchasing damaged, flooded, and written-off cars regardless of the manufacturers.

    If you want reliable cash for car Brisbane to buy your car. Don’t wait. Call us. Our customer service team will get in touch with you and answer all of your questions.


    Yes, scraping a car not under your name with Max Cash for Cars is possible. But there are certain limitations involved in selling such a car.

    Confirming the ownership is important. If you are not the car’s legal owner or are unsure about the ownership details, consult the local motor vehicle authority or check the car documents.

    To get cash for scrap cars from a different owner, you should have one of the following:

    Now don’t wait anymore. Contact us now for the best cash for cars Brisbane.

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    Call cars for cash Brisbane to sell your car in a hassle-free manner

    How many times did you have to take your old car to the mechanic, just to find that there is once again a problem with it and not just a small problem but an expensive one as well? Save yourself some time and money by choosing Cars for Cash Brisbane, where we make selling your car a breeze.

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    Cash For Junk Cars Brisbane offers a variety of services

    Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for Urgent Roadside Assistance. We provide our customers variety of services Brisbane wide. It includes services such as:

    Selling a car using private sales is a difficult task. It is time-consuming because it takes time to fix the car, place ads on different car selling websites, find the right buyer, etc. And most of the time, you only get lowball offers for used cars. Cash For Cars Brisbane has made selling your car easy and quick. You can get free quotes, sell your car in three simple steps, and get up to $9,999 in instant cash.

    Car towing is very expensive in Brisbane. Customers have to pay up to $120 to get their cars removed within a 20km area. And most of the time whatever customer gets by selling their car is used up to pay for the towing cost.We save customers money by offering them free car removal services all over Brisbane and their surrounding suburbs. When a customer sells their car to us there are no hidden charges applied. All of your processes are carried out ethically and openly. Our main aim is to provide customer quality service without any hassle.

    MaxCashForCars are a licensed company that carries our car wrecking and recycling on a variety of cars. And provide our customers with maximum value by maximizing our profits. We carry out the car recycling process by following AAPRA guidelines and carefully remove the car without harming the surrounding area. Our aim is to provide the people of Brisbane and its suburbs with quality car recycling services and also help the planet in the process by keeping all of our processes up to standards.

    During our eco-friendly recycling process, we salvage useful parts from the wrecked vehicles. These parts are then repaired and refurbished to be sold at our store, for any car enthusiast who wants to purchase them. There are some parts of old cars that are difficult to find, those can be found with us because we deal with all makes and models of cars. The process of selling car parts helps us recycle and reuse them. This way people get parts for cheap and because the demand for spare parts decreases this also helps the planet as less production of new parts will be necessary.

    Some cars have a badly damaged paint job, have scratches, dents, and whatnot. These cars are not visually pleasing but their internal systems are in excellent working conditions. People want to get rid of these cars because of their lack of aesthetic appeal. But we accept these cars and pay top cash for them.

    Different states have different laws for vehicles. And most of the time cars have to be transferred to the state you are relocating to. This is a long process with a lot of paperwork involved. Some people don’t mind going to government offices and filling out the paper works. But for those who don’t want to go through this hassle, they can call us. We provide quick service. And free car pickup is scheduled by the customer at their convenience.

    • Sometimes there is an immediate need for cash. And no banks give loans this quickly at that time services like cash for unwanted cars provide quick cash in exchange for an old car without any trouble. All the customer has to do is call us or get in touch with us online and we pay you within 24 hours.


    We provide customers a quick quote you can fill out within a minute. And it gives you the estimated value of the car. Once satisfied, you can contact us, and our team of professionals will visit the car for closer inspection. After the inspection is done, our associate will make an offer. If you accept it, we will pay you top cash up to $9,999 and pay you instantly in cash. If the customer requests, we can deliver them via other methods such as bank transfer, Cheque, etc. So, if you are planning to sell your car, contact us. Our customer service associates are always ready to answer customer queries.

    We offer customers up to $9,999 in instant cash for cars Brisbane and will buy your car within 12 hours.


    Your vehicles are one of the secure investments for you if you sell them at the right time, or else their value starts to fade away. People are normally seen being hesitant about selling their vehicles due to the endless memories attached to the old car they have had for years.Automobiles need to be sold or restored to keep their worth. We are a car removal company helping you get your unwanted vehicle sold off at a good price.

    Max Cash for Used Cars Brisbane has served people in the automotive industry for an era and has built strong relationships with customers based on reliability and faith. So, if you are willing to sell your non-runner car at an immediate cash payment, we are here to buy it from you at the best deal in all of Brisbane.

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    The government of Queensland has stated certain policies on the vehicles being registered. Our company ensures that the cars we deal with are registered because this proves an automobile’s authenticity with no theft risk.

    • You have bought a new vehicle that has never been registered
    • You have bought an old, unregistered vehicle
    • If you are moving to another state or territory
    • If the registration expired 3 months ago

    Registering your vehicle is no longer a compilated process. You need to present a few documents to get your car registered by the state of Queensland

    • Queensland safety certificate or Certificate of Inspection
    • Evidence of the vehicle’s garage address
    • Proof of an Owner’s identity
    • Registration fees
    • Written off vehicle inspection (if the vehicle is repairable, write-off)
    • Original CPT insurance certificate (if driving the vehicle to get it registered)

    The easier this process seems, the easiest it is to go through. So, if you are planning to sell your vehicle, contact us today for a free quick valuation of your car and find our team to assist you in every step you take.

    About Us-Your Trusted Car Buying Partner

    At Cash for Car Brisbane, we are committed to providing a customer-focused approach, ensuring smooth car-selling experience. We cover suburbs of Brisbane, including North, South, East, and West, offering convenience to sellers across the entire city.

    We have up-to-date market knowledge, guaranteeing competitive offers. As a certified car buyer, we bring credibility to the car-selling process. Rest assured, we are licensed and insured by the Queensland Government.

    Moreover, we don’t impose an upper price limit, with our scrap car prices ranging from $200 to $9,999. Our unwanted car removal service in Brisbane offers numerous benefits, including instant cash for cars, space-saving, and the freedom to sell without needing vehicle registration (Rego) or a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). We are not an individual with a tow truck; we are a professional business. When you bring your car to us, we maintain your vehicle information in our records for up to 2 years.


    Learn about the process of canceling your registration and returning your license plates, on the TMR website.

    Max Cash for Car Brisbane – Your Premier Car Selling Partner in Brisbane

    What is the Value Of Your Vehicle?

    On average, we offer up to $9,999 for your vehicle. Smaller cars like the Honda Civic may receive offers around $5,000, while pickups like the Ford F-150 can go as high as $9,999. SUVs and crossovers, such as the Toyota RAV4, typically fall in the middle, with an average offer of $8,000.

    Know the value of your vehicle

    At Max Cash for Car Brisbane, we have purchased over 500,000 vehicles in the past few months alone, disbursing more than $300 million. Our most popular car is the Honda Accord, which is a reliable four-door sedan with a long history. Even though the Accord is well-liked, it can still have common problems like worn-out brakes, aging transmissions, and fuel injection issues. Fixing these problems can cost a lot of money. That’s why selling your car to us can be a smart choice because it saves you from spending on these repairs.

    We want to be fair to our customers, and that’s why we have been keeping our prices consistent for the past year. The amount of money we offer for cars has stayed about the same, with only small changes, usually around 1.7% each month. This trend is likely to continue, so now is a great time to sell your car. We are committed to keeping up with what’s happening in the market, and we will make sure to keep you informed about any upcoming changes.

    Pro Tips for Finding the Right Buyer

    • Explore multiple offers to ensure the best deal.
    • Ensure the buyer is licensed in your area for legal transactions.
    • Choose a buyer who provides clear and upfront pricing details.
    • Read reviews from previous sellers to gauge reputation.
    • Inquire about available payment methods that suit you.
    • Look for buyers who offer complimentary towing services.
    • Ensure transparency by clarifying all costs involved.
    • Opt for buyers who provide quick and accurate quotes.
    • Consider the level of customer service provided.
    • Choose buyers committed to eco-friendly practices.
    find right car buyer Brisbane

    When to Choose Brisbane Cash for Cars – Don’t Limit Yourself

    Thinking of selling your car? It’s not just for old scrap cars. Brisbane Cash for Cars offers assistance in various situations, ensuring you are not limited to specific conditions or vehicle types. Enjoy our 100% free car removal service regardless of your vehicle’s condition or location. Here are scenarios where you can count on us:

    Beyond Repair

    When your car is damaged beyond repair due to incidents like floods, hailstorms, or severe accidents, we’re here to help. Even if it’s technically repairable, the costs might be prohibitive.

    Critical Component Damage

    If essential vehicle components such as the transmission, airbags, catalytic converter, or brake system are damaged, opting for a new car can be more cost-effective than expensive repairs.

    Old but Still Running

    Whether you are upgrading your vehicle for growing family needs, enhanced safety features, better fuel economy, or simply to showcase your social status, selling your old car can be a tedious process. Brisbane Cash for Cars streamlines it for you.

    Eco-Friendly Choice

    As environmental awareness grows, switching from old, fuel-inefficient cars to newer, more eco-friendly models is crucial. Older cars contribute to excessive toxic emissions. Make a positive change for the environment by opting for our services.

    Interior Ruin, Functional Engine

    If your car’s interior is beyond salvage due to excessive wear or sun damage but the engine still runs fine, you don’t need to bear the cost of a complete interior overhaul. Consider our cash-for-car removal service as a practical solution.

    No matter your situation, Brisbane Cash for Cars is your reliable partner in freeing yourself from unwanted vehicles.


    We Buy Cars Brisbane – We Accept All Car Brands in Any Condition and Pay Top Cash for Them

    We are all about inclusivity when it comes to cars. No matter the make, model, or age of your vehicle, we are eager to buy it by offering 20% more than our competitors.

    From sleek sedans and compact cars to rugged 4x4s, spacious vans, powerful trucks, and beyond, we accept a wide variety of vehicle types in any condition. Whether you are driving a Honda, Kia, BMW, Isuzu, Audi, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, or any other make, we are here to offer you top cash. We buy cars in excellent condition, damaged, flooded, or written off. So, don’t wait – give us a call today. Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist you, regardless of your car’s make, model, or condition.

    Call us now

    Getting Top Cash for Scrap Cars Brisbane Is Now Easy

    Even if your car is sitting as a useless dump in your garage, it can still put some cash in your pocket when you choose us. We’re the scrap car buyers who make it easy. The salvage value of your vehicle depends on factors like its condition, year, make, and model.

    We accept a wide range of vehicles regardless it’s automatic or manual, runs on petrol, diesel, or gas, we’re ready to take it off your hands with no constraints.
    Here’s how we calculate the approximate value:

    • We use resources like the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide to check the retail and wholesale value of a similar vehicle.
    • Our team calculates an approximate percentage of the market value, typically around 75 percent.
    • We then multiply the car’s current market value by 0.25 (1.00 minus 0.75) to determine its salvage value.

    This salvage value is always lower than the car’s current market value. If the cost of repairs exceeds this amount, the car is considered a loss.

    Why Choose Cash for Car Over Selling Online The Benefits

    When it comes to parting ways with your vehicle, you have options, but here’s why opting for Cash for Car might be your best move:

    Pros of Cash for Car

    • With Cash for Car services, you get paid on the spot when we pick up your car. No waiting for buyers to secure financing or deal with delayed payments.
    • The amount we offer is the amount you receive. You don’t have to worry about haggling or price reductions after the fact.
    • We provide an accurate offer within minutes. The whole process is quick and hassle-free, from evaluation to payment.
    • Cash for Car services typically do not charge any fees for the transaction. What you’re offered is what you get.
    • You can sell your car to us from anywhere, making it convenient and accessible no matter where you are.

    Cons of Selling Car Online

    • When selling online, there’s a degree of uncertainty regarding when and if you’ll receive payment. It may involve waiting for a buyer to secure funds.
    • Online sales often involve negotiations, which can be time-consuming and may result in price reductions.
    • Some online platforms charge fees to list your car. These fees can eat into your final sale price.
    • Dealing with inquiries, test drives, and potential no-shows can be a hassle when selling online.

    Why Choose Max Cash for Car Brisbane?

    We Embrace Every Vehicle

    At Max Cash for Car Brisbane, we have a deep appreciation for all vehicles, regardless of their condition. Whether your car is showing its age, has been damaged in an accident, is flooded, or even if it’s a shining star of the road, we are here to ensure it finds a new home at a fair and competitive price.

    We Simplify the Process

    When you choose us, you are not just getting top cash for your junk car; you are also getting comprehensive assistance with all the essential paperwork. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of transferring ownership, ensuring all legal requirements are met, whether it is title transfers, sales contracts, or any other necessary documents.

    Eco-Friendly Disposal

    We take environmental responsibility very seriously. Max Cash for Car Brisbane is committed to eco-friendly car disposal. We ensure that hazardous materials like engine oil, batteries, and other pollutants are disposed of safely and responsibly, reducing environmental harm. Discover comprehensive information about vehicle pollution in Australia right here.

    We are Infused with Passion

    Every member of our team wakes up with excitement for the day ahead. This passion shines through in our experts’ remarkable industry knowledge and their commitment to providing courteous service. Are you ready to turn your car-selling experience into something extraordinary?

    Abandoned Car Removal

    We are not just about buying cars; we also provide services for removing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles. Our efforts benefit local communities and businesses by maintaining clear, safe spaces.

    The Ultimate Answer to “Cash for Car Near Me”

    Our brand exemplifies the ease of dealing with us. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering the most convenient solution for requests such as “sell my car for cash Brisbane,” “junk car buyer in Brisbane,” and more. From the initial contact to the final vehicle removal, we ensure a seamless experience, delighting our customers without any hassles.

    Moreover, we offer flexible payment methods to accommodate your preferences. Curious about the value of your car? Take advantage of our online form to obtain free quotes effortlessly. Choose us for the top-tier solution to your “cash for car near me” needs, and experience a straightforward and rewarding car-selling process.


    Headquartered at 1401 Ipswich Road, Rocklea QLD 4106, Australia

    At our headquarters in Rocklea, QLD, Max Cash for Car Brisbane is your trusted partner when it comes to selling your car for cash. We buy cars for cash in Brisbane, without any regard for the make, model, or condition.
    Our process is designed to be quick and hassle-free, ensuring that you get the best value for your unwanted vehicle. Get a free quote today and experience the simplest way to sell your car for cash.

    Max Cash for Cars Brisbane proudly covers over 250 suburbs in the Brisbane region, ensuring that no matter where you are, our team is ready to assist you in getting top cash for your car. The areas we serve include:

    Frequently Ask Question

    You can easily know your car’s worth by using our FREE quote calculator. It uses real-world data to provide you with the accurate and fast value of your car.

    To ensure the accuracy of our quotes, we use data from

    • 1,000+ dealer websites
    • Major auctions
    • Brisbane car market

    Along with that we update valuations every day for you always get up-to-date info for your car.

    We provide customers instant cash in hand as soon as the papers are signed. At the customer’s request, we can even make the payment via bank transfer but that will take 2-3 days to process.

    No, we at MaxCashforCars never charge customers any extra fees for any of our services.

    Yes, our customers are fully in control of the date, time, and location for the car removal. We will get in touch with you to schedule the vehicle removal in advance.

    We take less than 24 hours to purchase the vehicles in Brisbane. And offer top cash and FREE removal services in exchange for the car.