We provide top cash for unwanted cars up to $9,999

    Cash For Cars Brisbane provides a convenient and stress-free way of selling cars to their customers. We handle everything from picking up the vehicle down to the filling of paperwork. We buy all types of cars in all conditions and pay up to $9,999 in instant cash with no hidden fees. And offer the highest price in the Brisbane area. MaxCashForCars can offer this highest price because we are a licensed and trusted business with years of experience. And all of our recycling processes are carried out following APRAA guidelines; this protects us from any fees and because we are efficient in our processes we make more profits. Whether your car is an old car, a scrap car, or a car damaged in an accident, we will buy it from you and pay you top cash for it. To get an estimated value of your car, fill the online form provided. Within a minute you will receive your free quote.

    We offer free removal services for your vehicle Brisbane wide

    We offer our customers the best cash for scrap car services in Brisbane and its surrounding areas. So when you sell your car to MaxCashForCars, you get a free removal service along with other benefits. When customers sell their car to us, it’s apparent that they would want their vehicle removed from their premises as well. So instead of putting the customer to go through the trouble of finding and paying for a towing service, we provide our complimentary removal service. So now customers don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars to tow their vehicles, as we do it for free. After inspection of the vehicle, we will come to the assigned location and pick up your car in a hassle-free manner. We ensure that we use the best machinery possible to prevent causing any harm to the vehicle or surrounding property. To receive a free car removal Brisbane wide, ring us or fill the online form and we will schedule a pickup and remove your car from your premises and pay you up to $9,999 in cash.
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    When to use Brisbane cash for cars service

    When people think of selling my car services, they think if they have an old scrap car it is only then they can use our services but that’s not true. There are many instances where our services can be useful. Here are some of the situations where you can call us:

    • When the car is destroyed beyond repair


    There are some unfortunate situations when the car gets damaged badly. For instance, if there is a flood, or hail storm, or any form of accident. These cause the car to become beyond repair. Or if it’s eligible for repair the costs are so high that paying for it can be difficult.

    • When the main functioning part of a vehicle is damaged


    In some cases main parts of the vehicles get damaged, such as the transmission, airbags, catalytic converter, brake line, etc. these repairs are not only difficult but also expensive. It is better to change cars rather than spending thousands of dollars on repairing these.

    • When the car is working dine but is old


    There are many reasons for people to replace their old cars with new ones such as growing family, need for better safety features in cars, fuel economy, or just to show their social status. Whatever the reason may be selling a car is a tedious and time-consuming process. To save themselves from this hassle people can use cash for car Brisbane services like ours to sell their cars.

    • To prevent air pollution

    As we are becoming more aware of the environmental effects of toxic fuels, we are improving our habits. One of the things that cause the excessive release of toxic fuels is old cars. These cars are worn down and don’t have an exhaust system in optimal condition, and their fuel economy is also low. So it’s more eco-friendly to switch over to newer vehicles

    • If you have a car that has ruined interior but works fine

    Such cars do exist. In which the interior is destroyed either by excessive use or by direct sunlight. Customers find changing cars easier than completely changing their interior so they opt for services like ours.

    We accept all cars and pay top cash for them

    MaxCashForCars provides the best-unwanted car removal service in the Brisbane area. We buy all varieties and types of cars. We have two aims, one is providing top value to our customers and the other is to provide our services in such a way that doesn’t have any negative effect on the planet.That is why we accept vehicles in all conditions whether it is old, scraped, damaged in an accident, etc. No matter what type of car you own, we at MaxCashForCars will buy your vehicle and give top instant cash for up to $9,999.Here are the types of cars we are accepting:

    If you want reliable cash for car Brisbane to buy your car. Don wait. Call us. Our customer service team will get in touch with you and answer all of your questions.


    Call cars for cash Brisbane to sell your car in a hassle-free manner

    How many times did you have to take your old car to the mechanic, just to find that there is once again a problem with it and not just a small problem but an expensive one as well? Save yourself some time and money and get rid of your old car by using our quick services.
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    Cars for Cash Brisbane offers a variety of services

    We provide our customers variety of services Brisbane wide. It includes services such as:

    Selling a car using private sales is a difficult task. It is a time-consuming process because time is taken to fix the car, place ads on different car selling websites, find the right buyer, etc. And most of the time people don’t even get the right amount for their cars. MaxCashForCars has made the process of selling your car easy and stress-free. In three simple steps, you can sell your car and get up to $9,999 in instant cash.

    Car towing is very expensive in Brisbane. Customers have to pay up to $120 to get their cars removed within a 20km area. And most of the time whatever customer gets by selling their car is used up to pay for the towing cost.We save customers money by offering them free car removal services all over Brisbane and their surrounding suburbs. When a customer sells their car to us there are no hidden charges applied. All of your processes are carried out ethically and openly. Our main aim is to provide customer quality service without any hassle.

    MaxCashForCars are a licensed company that carries our car wrecking and recycling on a variety of cars. And provide our customers with maximum value by maximizing our profits. We carry out the car recycling process by following AAPRA guidelines and carefully remove the car without harming the surrounding area. Our aim is to provide the people of Brisbane and its suburbs with quality car recycling services and also help the planet in the process by keeping all of our processes up to standards.

    During our eco-friendly recycling process, we salvage useful parts from the wrecked vehicles. These parts are then repaired and refurbished to be sold at our store, for any car enthusiast who wants to purchase them.There are some parts of old cars that are difficult to find, those can be found with us because we deal with all makes and models of cars. The process of selling car parts helps us recycle and reuse them. This way people get parts for cheap and because the demand for spare parts decreases this also helps the planet as less production of new parts will be necessary.

    Some cars have a badly damaged paint job, have scratches, dents, and whatnot. These cars are not visually pleasing but their internal systems are in excellent working conditions. People want to get rid of these cars because of their lack of aesthetic appeal. But we accept these cars and pay top cash for them.

    Different states have different laws for vehicles. And most of the time cars have to be transferred to the state you are relocating to. This is a long process with a lot of paperwork involved. Some people don’t mind going to government offices and filling out the paper works. But for those who don’t want to go through this hassle, they can call us. We provide quick service. And free car pickup is scheduled by the customer at their convenience.

    • Sometimes there is an immediate need for cash. And no banks give loans this quickly at that time services like cash for unwanted cars provide quick cash in exchange for an old car without any trouble. All the customer has to do is call us or get in touch with us online and we pay you within 24 hours.

    We provide customers with a quick quote that you can fill within a minute. And it gives you the estimated value of the car. Once satisfied with it, you can contact us and our team of professionals will visit the car to get a closer inspection.After the inspection is done our associate will make an offer. If you accept it we will pay you top cash up to $9,999 and pay you instantly in cash. If the customer requests we can pay them via other methods as well such as bank transfer, Cheque, etc.So if you are planning to sell your car contact us. Our customer service associates are always ready to answer customer queries. You  can reach us in the following ways:

    We offer customers up to $9,999 in instant cash and will buy your car within 24 hours.

    Frequently Ask Question

    How can I find what my car is worth?

    You can easily know your car’s worth by using our FREE quote calculator. It uses real-world data to provide you with the accurate and fast value of your car.

    Are valuations provided by MaxCashForCars accurate?

    To ensure the accuracy of our quotes, we use data from

    • 1,000+ dealer websites
    • Major auctions
    • Brisbane car market

    Along with that we update valuations every day for you always get up-to-date info for your car.

    How will I receive the payment for my car?

    We provide customers instant cash in hand as soon as the papers are signed. At the customer’s request, we can even make the payment via bank transfer but that will take 2-3 days to process.

    Will you charge any extra fees for removing my car?

    No, we at MaxCashforCars never charge customers any extra fees for any of our services.

    I have a busy week at work, will you schedule before picking up the car?

    Yes, our customers are fully in control of the date, time, and location for the car removal. We will get in touch with you to schedule the vehicle removal in advance.

    How quickly can you purchase my car?

    We take less than 24 hours to purchase the vehicles in Brisbane. And offer top cash and FREE removal services in exchange for the car.