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  • Instant cash on the spot in exchange for the truck up to $9,999
  • Free truck removal in Brisbane and surrounding areas
  • No extra or hidden fees are charged
  • Purchase 100+ brands of vehicles in Brisbane
  • All conditions of trucks are accepted

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    Do You Want To Earn Top Cash For Trucks Brisbane?

    The first step to selling your vehicle is to contact reliable cash for car service.

    Max Cash For Cars has been serving the Queensland market for more than a decade. And we are well-equipped and have the required expertise to purchase all kinds of vehicles.

    With our trusted network of clients spread all over Australia, customers can receive the most competitive amount of cash for unwanted trucks up to $9,999 and fast removal services from anywhere in Brisbane.

    Cash For Trucks Brisbane

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    Truck Wreckers Brisbane

    A Full-Service Truck Buyers That Will Remove Your Vehicle Within 24H

    • 30+ tow trucks on the road to provide quick truck removal from anywhere and anytime in Brisbane
    • Trained and professional employees that provide impeccable service every time
    • Well-equipped facilities to provide eco-friendly truck recycling in QLD

    Brands Of Trucks We Purchase In Brisbane

    Max Cash For Cars purchase all makes of trucks, including but not limited to:

    Get in touch with our representatives to get the highest cash for trucks Brisbane and same-day removal for damaged trucks.

    How It Works?

    Eco-friendly Truck Wrecking Available At Max Cash For Cars

    We understand how necessary it is to recycle and reuse all the available resources around us. That’s why to ensure the safety and integrity of our environment, we at MaxCashForCars carry out eco-friendly recycling for all the trucks we purchase.

    The unwanted vehicles we purchased are passed through a wrecking process approved by the government of Australia. All the salvageable parts are taken out during the process, and the rusted metal and fluids within the vehicle are disposed of safely. Lastly, the metal from the body is sent to a steel recycling facility.

    All the salvaged parts and recycled metal is available for sale at affordable rates.


    The Types Of Trucks We Purchase

    • Panel truck
    • Dump truck
    • Semi-trailer truck
    • Garbage truck
    • Flatbed truck
    • 18-wheeler truck
    • Extra duty truck
    • Tanker truck
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