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Types Of Car Accessories We Deal In


A drives shaft or a propeller shaft is an important component of the drive train in a vehicle. Its main purpose is to deliver torque and engine rotation into vehicle movement when you shift the car into drive mode. The components of the shaft are:

  • Flanges
  • Send yoke
  • Slip yoke
  • Tube yoke
  • Midship shaft
  • Universal joint
  • Centre bearing
  • Tube

Three types of driver shafts

  1. Single Piece Shaft
  2. Two/ Three Piece Shaft
  3. Front Wheel Drive

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This is responsible for powering the driving wheels of the car. It is made up of two parts called half shafts which are connected with a differential. These axles, in most cases, are live, which means they rotate with the car’s wheels.They are three types:

  1. Semi Floating Axle
  2. Full Floating Axle
  3. Three Quarter Floating Axle

Unlike the rear axle, it is located at the front of the vehicle. This axle is responsible for helping with the steering and processes shocks from uneven roads. It consists of four main parts: swivel pin, track rod, beam, and stub axle. The front axle requires sturdiness; that’s why its made of carbon steel or nickel steel.They are two types:

  1. Dead Front Axle
  2. Live Front Axle

They are attached to the car’s front wheels along with the kingpin, which connects it to the front axle.They are of four types:

  1. Elliot
  2. Reverse Elliot
  3. Lamoine
  4. Reverse Lamoine


A strut is a unit that combines a coil spring and shock absorber. They are of two types:

  1. Front Struts For Cars
  2. Rear Struts For Cars

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