Earn Cash By Opting For A Dump My Car Brisbane Service

Is your vehicle taking its last few breaths?

It’s the right time to part ways with your beloved. Vehicles on their last leg may wreak irrevocable damage to the Earth. Hence, it is crucial to dispose them in a safe and eco-friendly way.

You may wonder, “What is the best way to dump my car Brisbane”?

You can trust Max Cash for Cars Brisbane for all your free dump car removal and disposal services.

  • We rigorously abide by all the Green Recycling Laws in Brisbane to make this planet healthier, safer and greener for future generations.
  • Our team is strictly instructed to follow APRAA (Auto Parts Recycling Association of Australia) Guidelines.
  • We have set the gold standard in the wrecking, disposal and recycling of junk cars, trucks, SUVs, 4X4s or vans.
  • Our dump car yards near me fully operate under the license and approval of the Environmental Protection Authority of Australia.
Dump my car Brisbane

What Does Dump My Car Brisbane Service Do?

Wondering, what on Earth do we get from purchasing a scrap, written-off truck?

Well, this is nothing but our genuine love for Mother Earth and Nature!

Reusing and recycling old metal means, there is less need to create new auto parts. Hence, our professional Dump My Car Brisbane Service strives to protect the endangered Earth from further damage.

We use one of the following methods for unwanted vehicles:


We salvage the vehicle for its spare parts, and the one in working condition will be sold directly to the public (after slight touch-ups) from our office, showroom and workshops.


Often, the working or even non-working vehicle spare parts are brought to our uses after minor repairing.


 Auto parts not in a running condition will be removed and recycled to turn them in optimum running condition and made fit for reselling.

Dump My Car Brisbane Vs Cash for Car Service

A Dump My Car Brisbane is a Disposal Service particularly geared for written-off, scrap, and end-of-life vehicles with Environmental Protection as their primary concern. A disposal team will offer free car removal and towing of un-roadworthy cars, trucks, or 4X4s to their dump car yard in Brisbane, salvage it for spare parts, remove the precious metal, and then carefully discard the waste.

Broken car

In contrast, a Cash for unregistered Car Service buys all models, makes, ages and conditions of vehicles- whether old or new, functioning or non-functioning, accidental, wrecked, damaged, road-worthy, a latest model or vintage. Most of them provide complimentary services such as instant estimate, cash payment on the spot, free completion of all paperwork, and inspection visit at your convenient time and place.

Come and Join Us

Partner with us and be a part of the Green Revolution.

  • Minimum Land, Water and Air Pollution
  • Protection of Ozone Layer
  • Saves Energy and Water
  • Reduced Mining and Production Wastes
  • Saves the Fast Depleting Natural Resources

Do not let your unwanted, scrap or end-of-life vehicle rot away in your garage. Neither you need to discard it in some landfill.

Call us to avail our free pick service of scrap, junk, wrecked, and unwanted vehicle. Anywhere, Anytime in Brisbane.

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