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The top cash for cars Gold Coast service and offer our customers a stress-free car removal service. We employ the best, most trained people to carry out our processes. This enables us to offer our customers a convenient way to sell their unwanted cars and earn top cash up to $9,999.

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    Fast And Stress-free Car Selling In Gold Coast

    If you have a car that you no longer need or is sitting in your garage collecting dust, then Max Cash For Cars is the solution for you.

    We help you avoid the traditional car selling route, which includes driving your car to many different dealerships, placing advertisements all over the city and on various websites, allowing people to test drive your vehicle and more. All this hassle can be avoided by simply calling us.

    Along with that, we also offer you a way out of typical car selling pitfalls. So, if you are new to selling your old vehicle, you can avoid non-serious buyers, dealerships making low-ball offers, and scammers by following our simple processes.

    Simply fill out our quote form today and receive a reliable offer for your car.

    Car Towing Gold Coast

    Three-Step Process To Sell Your Car And Get FREE Car Towing In Gold Coast

    Our 3 step car selling process is a simple process that quickly deals with all the hurdles present when selling your car. Our car selling process involves a few steps and can easily allow you to sell your vehicle from anywhere. So whether your car is parked at your home, highway, motorway, office, parking lot or any other place, our people will arrive at your location and perform efficient car towing in Gold Coast.

    Our procedure is as follows:

    • Finding the value of your car

    The first step of car selling is knowing the value of your vehicle. You can get an estimated value of your car by using the online quote calculator provided on our website.

    Just enter some of your car’s basic information like the make, model, year of purchase, odometer reading, VIN, etc. Once the form is completed, just press enter, and in minutes you will receive a reliable quote.

    If you like the valuation provided for your car, then you can move on to the next step.

    • The inspection

    Though we have calculated the value of your car, we will make the final offer after conducting an onsite inspection. Just pick the date and time of your convenience, and we will come to you for an onsite inspection. This can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour. Once completed, we will present you with the final value.

    • Sign over the title

    When you accept the final offer, we will provide the paperwork. Then, all you need to do is sign it, and the title of the car will be transferred from you to Max Cash For Cars. With the paperwork done, our drivers will tow your car away the same day for FREE and hand you cash up to $9,999 on the spot. Rest assured that there will be no property damage as our tow truck drivers are experts in their field.

    The brands and the type of car we purchase

    We purchase all makes and models of cars, from sedans to 4WDs, trucks, SUVs, Utes, and electric cars. Since we only use the cars we purchase for recyclable metal, the brand and condition do not matter.

    The money you receive for the vehicle will depend on how much salvageable metal and parts are in the car. For example, if the car is covered in rust, its amount will be less than a car with a rust-free body.

    With us, you can sell all European, Japanese, Korean, American, and Australian brands of vehicles. Below is an incomplete list of bards we buy:

    If you have a car that is not on the list, no need to worry. Just give us a call, and we will guide you on how to move forward.

    Our car recycling process

    We have a straightforward recycling process that helps to reduce waste and preserve the environment. The process is as follows

    • Firstly we take all the vehicles we buy to the car recycling facility in Gold Coast.
    • All the cars are emptied of all the liquid they may carry, such as transmission fluid, brake oil, engine oil, coolants etc. These liquids are all disposed of in a safe method as dictated by the Australian government.
    • The next stage is to remove all the parts and fixtures in the car.
    • If we find any car part that we can reuse, we salvage it and put it through an extensive quality check. If they are in good condition and get a green signal, they are sold at a discounted price in our stores. All the remaining parts are either recycled or thrown away.
    • After removing all the parts from the car, now all that remains is the frame and body of the vehicle. These are then sent to be recycled at a steel recycling facility.
    • Then the recycled metal is sold to other industries that require it.

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