How Can I Get The Most Money For My Dead Car?

top cash for dead cars

Humans, by nature, are emotional and easily get attached to temporary things. Vehicles are one of them; some people save for years and buy a car with utmost passion.

But unfortunately, a motor vehicle is not built to run forever. Instead, it gets old, broken, damaged, and rusted with extensive use and age. Finally, a point comes when it becomes no longer roadworthy and is labeled as scrap or junk vehicle.

If you are one of the people who own a non-running car, consider scrapping a car instead of keeping it in your backyard. You may wonder how that old piece of ugly metal can give you money. You may well not know, but a scrap car is full of valuable functional auto parts. Sell these auto parts and make the most money.

There are two ways to get top cash for dead cars. Either call any scrap car removal company and sell the whole vehicle or you can strip the vehicle and sell the working auto parts individually.

However, if you sell the car to any auto removal company, you might get less money than you can make by scrapping a vehicle yourself. On the other hand, if you decide to scrap your car, you should have the skills and tools needed for scrapping.

Below are a few steps you can follow to get the most money from your dead car.

1: Find Out About The Working Auto Parts

Before you start stripping the vehicle, you need to find out,

  • how many parts of your vehicle are working
  • how many parts are broken

 Then, you can take your car to any reliable mechanic and ask him to evaluate the condition of the vehicle.

Remove those parts without delay if your vehicle is irreparable and has few damaged auto parts. Still, you can sell all the auto parts that are in working condition.

2: Sell The Battery

One of the most valuable parts of the vehicle is the engine. It is easy to sell even a dead battery. Many buyers are looking for a dead battery for recycling. However, if your battery is running, you can remove it yourself and sell it to Max Cash For Cars and other selling platforms.

3: Remove All The Working Auto Parts

Before removing all the working auto parts, drain the fuel from your vehicle. Petrol or diesel are both hazardous, and if left in the vehicle, they can cause an explosion. Instead, empty your tank and reuse your fuel, or you can also sell it to anyone looking for fuel.

After the engine, tyres are easiest to sell. You can get top cash if your tyres are in good condition. Even if your tyres are worn out, you can make the most money by selling them to auto dealers who do recycling of vehicles. Besides selling to dealers, you can also sell tyres to any craft shop that is pro in converting used tyres to other products like ornamentals.

Another part that is easy to remove and sell is the radio system. A sound system is one of the most frequently bought items that can easily be sold online. Other auto parts that are easy to sell are

  • Gears
  • Mirrors
  • Windshield wipers
  • Seats
  • Steering wheel
  • Exhaust systems
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Radiators

 and many more

4: Full Stripping

After removing and selling all the working auto parts, strip down the whole vehicle. For example, copper wires and metal body frames are precious parts of the vehicle. You can sell metal to a certified scrap car yard and get the highest cash for cars.


The first step to selling automotive parts online is to take a clear picture. Serious buyers always want to buy items that are in working condition. So make sure to write a complete description of the item you are selling.

To avoid all the hassles of shipping, always weigh the auto part so you can calculate the shipping amount correctly.