Car Wrecking Brisbane Services Like Never Before!

Join our 10,000+ clients all over QLD and get an instant offer for your unwanted scrap vehicle in Brisbane. MaxCashForCars has been serving the QLD market for over a decade, and we are thrilled to offer the following services to our customers.

  • Hassle-free car wrecking services in Brisbane
  • Cash for unwanted cars up to $9,999
  • Professional vehicle towing for FREE
  • 1-minute quote for all types of cars
  • Reliable and trained customer service team
  • Eco-friendly car disposals
  • And much more.

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    Customers Trust Us To Provide You With Easy And Convenient Services

    Our management and employees work hard to provide you with the highest quality of services. All of our staff, from top management to tow truck drivers, are trained professionals working around the clock and developing processes that can provide you with ease while selling your vehicle.

    When customers choose us, they choose secure car wrecking and reliable services. We pay customers to top cash for cars in Brisbane up to $9,999 and offer FREE vehicle removal from anywhere in the city. So whether you have a running or non-running vehicle, our team will arrive at your location and pick up your car without even charging any hidden fees. If you are looking to wreck your car and also receive cash in return, reach out to us today!


    Sell Us All Conditions Of Cars Without A Hassle

    Max Cash For Cars have state of the art wrecking facility in QLD. We understand how important reusing end of life vehicles is to our environment. So instead of sending car wastes to landfills, we reuse and recycle most of them and pay our customers fairly for their vehicles.

    We will buy all conditions of roadworthy and non-roadworthy vehicles, such as:

    • Second-hand vehicles
    • Old cars with mechanical faults
    • Brand new vehicles
    • Cars with electrical damage
    • Automobile with missing parts
    • Faulty exhaust systems
    • Accident damaged
    • Cars damaged in a fire, flood or hail
    • And more

    We purchase all of the vehicles mentioned above and pick them up right from your doorsteps. Get your FREE valuation now!

    Fast, Friendly, And Convenient Services

    With us, you can sell your car without going thoroughly the hassle of private selling or wasting your time at a dealership. Car owners that are looking for a way to get rid of their vehicles easily and quickly can choose us, and we purchase all types of cars on the same day and pay the competitive amount of cash.

    Simply follow the steps below and sell your car to Brisbane’s top car wreckers for up to $9,999 in cash.

    • Get your 1-minute quote by filling out our form with information about your vehicle.
    • If the quotes prices are to your liking, call our customer service team to book a removal.
    • You can schedule the removal date and time according to your convenience.
    • Our evaluators will arrive at your location to inspect the car and make you an offer.
    • If you accept the offer, we will pay you cash and remove the vehicle for FREE.

    Call us and get instant access to our services.

    The Best Car Wreckers In Brisbane To Offer Eco-friendly Disposals

    Max Cash For Cars know the importance of recycling; that’s why our facilities are equipped with the latest wrecking machinery, and our staff are all licensed and trained to scrap all shapes and sizes of vehicles in Brisbane.

    We follow a straightforward process to make use of all the vehicles we buy:

    • All the cars we purchase are taken to our scrap yards, where they are cleaned and removed of all the old liquids, wastes, and rusted parts.
    • Now, the car parts are taken out of the vehicle so they can pass through strict quality checks.
    • All the car parts that are not usable, along with the car’s body and frame, are taken to a steel recycling plant, where they are recycled and sold to recycled metal buyers.

    If you have a car you want to dispose of, don’t leave them by the side of the road, and instead call us. And we will send tow trucks to your location and take them off your hand within 24 hours.


    Here Are The Types Of Cars We Buy In Brisbane

    There are hundreds of brands of vehicles available in the market, and the good news for you is that we buy them all. Our car wreckers in Brisbane use all the vehicles we purchase for recycled metals and car parts, so the make and model of the car don’t matter to us.

    Here are some brands of cars we commonly purchase:

    If you have a vehicle not mentioned in the list above, give us a call, and we will help you sort it out.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Our car wreckers in Brisbane purchase all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, busses, trucks, Utes, SUVs, 4×4, commercial vehicles and more.

    We require three documents from you:

    1. Identification documents (ID card, Passport, Drivers license, etc.)
    2. Vehicle registration papers or car title
    3. Documents of any outstanding payments

    That’s all the documents required from you, all the remaining documents needed for selling the car will be provided by MaxCashForCars.

    Yes, we offer the same day pick up for all types of wrecked vehicles in Brisbane. Just give us a call and book a removal without representatives without paying any extra charges.