What Are Accidental Cars?

Accidental cars refer to cars that have been involved in an accident, resulting in significant damage that makes them no longer roadworthy or financially viable to repair. These cars may have been deemed a total loss by the owner’s insurance company, or the cost of repairs may simply exceed the car’s remaining value.

Accidental Cars

The Best Place To Sell Your Accident Damaged Car

If your car has recently suffered a car accident, and now you don’t know what to do with the damaged vehicle, no need to worry. MaxCashForCars is here to solve all of your car selling problems. Get instant cash for accidental cars in Brisbane now.!

We understand the difficulty car owners face when selling their damaged vehicles. Even though accident-damaged vehicles have a lot of potentials they are no longer eligible for a roadworthy certificate and are declared totalled. Many car owners end up dumping them on roadsides.

That’s where we come in. With MaxCashForCars, you can get your car removed from anywhere in the city. It doesn’t matter to us if your car is parked at your office, home, parking lot, or roadside. We will visit the vehicle’s location and tow it away for FREE and pay you up to $9,999 in instant cash.

We are highly preferred car buyers in Brisbane. and we promise high-quality services all over QLD and purchase the accidental car within 24 hrs.

So if you have an accidental car you want to sell, contact us now.

Cash For Accidental Cars Brisbane

Easily Earn Top Cash For Accidental Cars In Brisbane By Following Few Simple Steps

We want to make selling your accidental car as easy as possible, so we designed this simple, straightforward process with only three steps.

Step 1 – The valuation

  • To sell your accidental cars in Brisbane, you need to know the value of your car so that an appropriate price can be set. You can do this by using our online quote provided on our website.
  • Just enter some basic details about your can, and within minutes you will have an estimated value for your car.

Step2 – The inspection

  • If you wish to move forward with the deal, just give us a call and book an inspection with MaxCashForCars.
  • The date and time of the inspection can be decided according to your convenience.
  • We will arrive at your location within 24 hours on the scheduled time to conduct an onsite inspection.
  • This whole process will not take more than an hour. After the inspection, we will give you the final offer for your car.

Step3 – Finalisation of the deal

  • If you decide to accept the offer, we will provide you with the paperwork so that you can sign the title of the car to us.
  • We will pay you up to $9,999 in cash for Accidental cars Brisbane.
  • You don’t even need to worry about the removal of the car; our tow trucks will provide FREE car pickup.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us now.

Sell Us Your Accidental Car For Cash And Help Us Protect The Environment

We at MaxCashForCars purchase all conditions of vehicles, including unwanted, accidental, wrecked, and more. This helps us to remove all types of end-of-life vehicles off the road, as these vehicles can cause adverse effects on the environment.

These old cars are very harmful to the environment. After a certain period of time, abandoned cars can get rusted from being exposed to the elements. Which breaks down the metal, and all the chemicals from inside the car may leak into the soil, contaminating it.

All the vehicles we buy are recycled in an ecofriendly way so we can prevent tonnes of car waste from reaching landfills and instead they are used up in the form of scrap metal and spare parts.

Get in touch with us by calling 0412 500 519


All Conditions Of Cars Are Eligible For Our Services

At Max Cash For Cars, we purchase a variety of conditions of cars. We know each car has value, and it is our aim to make use of all the parts of the vehicle. So whether you own a sedan, truck, van, bus, Ute, SUV, or electric car, reach out to us and earn up to $9,999 in cash for accidental cars in Brisbane.

Types of vehicles we accept include:

  • Brand new vehicles
  • Second-hand cars
  • Vehicles with a rusted or damaged body
  • Cars with missing parts
  • Scrap car
  • Junk car
  • Vehicles damaged by hail, fire, flood, etc.
  • Unregistered vehicles
  • Written off vehicles
  • And more

If you possess any of the above-mentioned conditions of the car, reach out to us, and we will provide you with the best offer for your car, and our customer service team will help you throughout the car selling process.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. The value we give is calculated by gathering information from many online car selling websites, auction houses, and the QLD car market. To provide a reliable quote, all we require from customers is the make and model of the car, odometer reading, and year of purchase.

We have years of experience in this industry and a vast network of clients all over the country, which helps us purchase your vehicle within a day and offer the most competitive prices.

All we require is a valid ID card with photo and vehicle registration papers.

No. We also offer other payment methods such as cheques and bank transfers.