Factors You Need To Know That Affect The Price Of Junk Cars

If you think about I need to sell my car Calamvale with ease, you are in the right place. If you’re a savvy car seller, you already know that your car’s value doesn’t just depend on the physical condition but also supply and demand factors and market trends. As cash for scrap cars Calamvale expert, we’ve compiled a list of 5 most important factors determining your car’s worth:

Car Age and Rarity

Your car’s age is not the ultimate factor in selling your car for good cash, but it helps get a higher value if your car is collectible or rare. Some older car models have higher demand getting you top dollar.


Physical Condition

The state of your unwanted car interior and exterior help companies decide whether they should pay top cash for unwanted cars or not. Rust, dents, scratches, or faulty engine of cars, vans, and sedans can decrease your car’s value.

Service History and Mileage

A car’s mileage and service and maintenance record significantly affect its value. A well-maintained low-mileage car is worth more than high mileage vehicle with a poor maintenance record.


Make & Model

The reputation and popularity of your vehicle’s make and model affect its resale value. For instance, collectible vintage cars or high-end luxury vehicles can bag you a premium price.

Current Market Trends

Market trends also affect the value of your car. If a car model has high demand or there’s a shortage of the model in your area, the price can drive up.


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