Suspecting A Problem with Your Car Alternator?

Here Are 6 Symptoms of A Faulty Alternator

Have you noticed some odd issues with your carlately? If so, there could be a problem with the car’s alternator. Here’s what you should check:


Battery Warning Light

If the light on your car dashboard is illuminated, then the problem could be with your alternator.


Dimming Headlights

Are the car headlights brighter than usual? This could be an indication that your car alternator is not producing enough power to keep headlights completely lit.


Dead Battery

Your car battery keeps dying. The reason could be a defective alternator not properly charging the car battery.


Electrical Issues

The car’s electrical system isn’t working properly like the locks or power windows aren’t working.The issue might be a faulty alternator.


Burning Smell

Do you smell a burning odour from the car’s engine? Your alternator might be failing due to overheating.


Strange Noises

Unusual noises coming from a car’s engine, like whining, rattling, or grinding sound, may indicate a failing alternator.

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