Fool-Proof Way To Sell Your Car Today

With MaxCashForCars, you never have to worry about going to dealerships, auctions or private buyers to get fair rates. Simply follow our processes below and get market-competitive rates today.

Know The Value Of Your Car

The first step of selling anything is pricing it. Our online tool will analyze the data from the QLD car market and other online websites to give you a number that is fair and represents the car’s true value.

Get An Offer From Us

Let us inspect your car and provide you with the final offer. You can call us for an in-person inspection and schedule the date and time according to your convenience. Our team will arrive and evaluate your car within 20 minutes.

Get Paid

If all is well and you love the offer we made, simply sign the contract of sale that we will provide you and get immediate cash for cars Greenslopes and FREE vehicle towing anywhere in QLD.

Sell Your Scrap Car To The Trusted Car Buyer In Greenslopes 4120, QLD


Times are changing, and so is the way we sell cars. Now no one has the time to place advertisements and select our serious buyers from a hoard of non-serious inquirers. That’s why we developed a service that can help you sell your car without any hassle.

We buy all cars – and we mean it. You can sell us any vehicle, from small passenger cars to large commercial vehicles; all are eligible for our services.

Moreover, we have over 12 years of experience, making offering you the highest cash for cars Greenslopes easier than ever before.

Sell your unwanted car today.

Super Fast Services Delivered With Excellence

We offer our customers a myriad of services that can help them sell all cars for cash from anywhere in Queensland.


Unlimited Quotes

Whether you want to sell one car or a whole fleet, we can offer you unlimited and accurate quotes for cars Greenslopes. Our online tool uses real data to provide you with a screenshot of the true value of your unwanted vehicle.


Fair Cash For Cars

Want to know whether your car is worth more in the open market, auction, or dealership? Well, the answer is it’s worth the most to us. We are ready to pay you 17% more than any of our competitors. Why not give us a go? Apply for your FREE quote today.


SSL Certified Online Presence

Our website is 100% secure. With our SSL certificate, you don’t have to worry about unsafe online transactions or protecting your personal information.


Professional Car Removals

Receive complimentary vehicle towing from anywhere in Greenslopes. We have a large variety of tow trucks in our possession that makes removing any shape and size of vehicle possible within 24 hours.


Secure Payment Methods

Whenever you are ready to sell your old junk car, leave us a message, and we will purchase your vehicle within a day and offer you immediate payments via cash, bank transfer, Osko or ApplePay.


Eco-friendly Disposals

State of the art car wreckers Greenslopes are available to dispose of your car in the best manner. Our facilities have the best equipment and the most trained people who take apart your vehicle and reuse almost 98% of the parts while disposing of the rest.

Ready To Sell Your Car For Cash Greenslopes? 

MaxCashForCars is your trusted place to sell all conditions, makes, and models of vehicles without any trouble.

  • Scrap
  • Wrecked
  • Junk
  • Old
  • Written-off
  • Broken
  • Damaged

Whatever type of SUV, sedan, hatchback, or truck you have, sell it to us and earn quick cash for cars Greenslopes up to $9,999 today.

For a FREE quote, call now at (0412 500 519)


What To Look For In An Idea Scrap Car Buyer Greenslopes

In QLD, where there are hundreds of car buyers, choosing the right one can be difficult. That’s why we have chosen three factors that can help you decide which one is best and can benefit you the most.

Make sure your car buyer offers the following things:

A reputable vehicle purchaser will always offer you the best customer service. It’s part of their business model to retain customers. They should provide you FREE car removal Greenslopes-wide, be available to answer your queries, and offer you high cash for cars Greenslopes.

Moreover, if they offer eco-conscious disposal facilities, make sure they have the appropriate tow trucks and provide dumpsters for scrap metal when needed.

Always choose a car buyer that is close by. This ensures you will receive quick removals from your premises, and also, if you have any questions in mind, you can simply go over there and get the answers. 

Having the business nearby also helps in getting reviews from people and making better decisions for your vehicle.

Always choose a business that is licensed by the government of Queensland and holds all of the appropriate certifications to run its business. Moreover, they should also consider their Google reviews to understand what people in the near vicinity are saying about them.

Reading reviews can give you great insight into their practices and how much they are paying in terms of cash for cars Greenslopes.