A Golden Opportunity to Earn Cash for Cars Unwanted Heathwood

Are you floundering to find a reliable car buyer?


Cash for Cars Heathwood is here to serve you. At your doorsteps, outside the garage, at your office parking, or in a roadside emergency. Whenever and wherever you need it. We are just a call away.

We are proud to be the Brisbane’s oldest car for cash companies. We buy vehicles of every condition, model, make and age- from accidental trucks to scrap SUVs.

Fill out the Online Quote Form to get a free cash offer in minutes.

  • Free Cash Quotes
  • Online and On Call Support
  • Inspection At Your Door
  • Unwanted Car Collection
  • Eco-friendly Wreckers
  • Only A Valid State-Issued I.D. Required

How To Avail Our Cash for Used Car in Heathwood?

The schedules are tight, and the days are hectic in today’s fast-paced world. We understand your pain in how difficult it is to spare a single moment for yourself- let alone car selling.

We offer a hassle-free and time-saving method to help you dump your car for good. Here are the three steps quickly summarized:

Know Your Car’s Worth

The first thing we will ask you is to disclose detailed information about the vehicle. We will need the essential information, including Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Condition, Location, and more. Make sure to maintain accuracy to get a fair Cash for cars Quote.

Plan Our Visit

Next, choose a suitable time for pick-up and removal if you have accepted the Quote and decided to sell the vehicle to us. Our schedule works around yours. So, feel free to select a time, date, and location you are convenient with.

Time for Payment

Our team is punctual about the time you provide. After a quick inspection, we will give instant Cash and free scrap car removal Heathwood. Sign the receipt, and hand us the keys with the essential documents. Leave the work of Title Transfer on us.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website or call us now to avail our timely services. And sell my car for cash faster than the blink of an eye!

Three Reasons To Choose Our Cash for Cars Heathwood

Serving Heathwood-wide

Our network covers all the big and small suburbs of Melbourne. We are willing to come to your location, no matter where you reside.

We have the right tow truck and equipment to deal with any situation or emergency. Besides, we won’t hesitate to cover long distances.


No Hidden Charges

We are a company of the highest caliber and moral values. We stand true to our words and promises.

So, when we say we won’t charge a penny extra for towing, paperwork, or any of our other perks, we mean it. You can rest assured that you will never be scammed or cheated by us.

A Convenient Option

Selling my car privately inevitably involves the burden of advertising, revamping, repairing, cleaning, and completing the paperwork.

Why not escape all the hassle?

Get rid of your vehicle in a couple of clicks with Max Cash for Cars Heathwood. We liberate car sellers from all the obligations and headache that comes with privately selling a vehicle.

Don’t delay the decision to dump my car.


Call us or email us, and get free scrap car removal within 24 hours from your premises.

How To Maintain Your Vehicle In Snowy Winters

Whatever the season or time of year, getting your vehicle in shape is of utmost significance. However, as compared to summers, heavy snowfall and ice on the roads make winter driving dangerous and complicated.

It is, therefore, crucial to prep up for the severe season. Have your car serviced so it is ready to face the winter challenges and severe weather.

Follow these simple hacks to stay safe while driving during the harsh season.

Switch Over to Winter Tires

This is especially important for those living in extremely cold climatic conditions. Winter tires allow for a safe drive while maximizing your car’s performance.

Invest in Winter Wipers

These come with thick rubber blades that prevent ice or snow from accumulating on the windscreen. Have a safe, hassle-free drive with winter wipers.

Power Up Your Engine

Starting the engine during winter requires more battery power. It is recommended to get your batteries serviced, so they have sufficient capacity to back your car during the cold.

Check the Brakes

Another essential thing to ensure is having perfectly working brakes. With icy, slippery roads, strong brakes are a lifesaver.

Lubricate The Doors

Apply a thin coating of Vaseline or squirt some WD-40 (or any other water dispersant) to prevent the door from freezing shut.

Buy A Defogger and Window Defroster

The defogger and defroster will avert snow accumulation and help you get a crystal-clear vision of the road ahead.

Have A Final Look At The Interiors

When you sit in your vehicle in chilly winters, the first thing you need is a heater system functioning to its optimum.

Everything You Need To Know About Heathwood

Heathwood is an outer southwestern suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. According to a 2016 census, Heathwood was home to roughly 2,800 people.

Spread over an area of 5 km2, Heathwood is 29.9 kilometers by road southwest of the Brisbane GPO. Though relatively small in space, the suburb features new big houses.

Heathwood is connected to Brisbane CBD by a number of routes, e.g. Centenary Highway through Forest Lake, Ipswich Motorway through Oxley, Logan Motorway, and by rail through Richlands.