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We offer an experienced-backed car selling process that offers you the most with the least effort. Discover a brand new way to sell all makes, models, and conditions of vehicles in Queensland.

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    Better Deals And Superior Cash For Cars Stone Corner


    At MaxCashForCars, we bring you a new and innovative way to make use of your old cars and earn top dollars in return.

    With over 2 million end-of-life vehicles in Australia and even more vehicles in their ending stage, it is a responsible choice to use them and not let them rust away in the garage.

    That’s where we come in. With us, you can successfully sell your car within 24 hours and earn top cash for cars Stone Corner up to $9,999. Not only that, but we also provide you with professional car towing facilities completely FREE of charge.
    So, no more waiting around; sell your car today and earn top dollars with MaxCashForCars.

    Fastest Same-Day Car Removal Corner Stone-Wide

    Let’s avoid removal services that charge you outrageously for moving the vehicle only a short distance. We empower you by offering FREE vehicle pickup all over Brisbane.

    Doesn’t matter where you are located; just schedule a removal with our team, and we will arrive as per the selected dates and time slots. You can rest assured that our team is made up of trained and experienced drivers that ensure safety when towing all shapes and sizes of vehicles.

    Additionally, we have also provided our drivers with a variety of tow trucks. So, whether you want to sell us a passenger car, a commercial vehicle, or a business fleet, we are equipped to handle it all.

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    What Is Needed To Sell My Car?

    To sell car for cash, all you need are the following documents:

    1. Car ownership papers
    2. Seller’s ID/ Passport/ Driver’s License
    3. Roadworthy Certificate (if the vehicle is not scrap)

    You need to show us the above-mentioned documents when we arrive for the vehicle inspection, and we will make you an offer in no time. We just need to make sure the vehicle you are selling actually belongs to you.

    As long as that’s clear, the whole process, from inspection to making an offer to paying cash, can be complemented within 30 minutes. Otherwise, it can take more time.

    Apart from these, if your vehicle is drivable, you can also provide us with the following information to receive even better rates.

    • Car maintenance record or service history
    • Any new car parts added to the car
    • Any modification or new equipment installed

    Sell your car in Brisbane to QLD’s top car buyer now.

    Most Reliable Eco-Friendly Car Disposals


    MaxCashForCars is QLD’s best cash and truck wrecker offering safe disposals all over the state. As they say, ‘’One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’’. Just like that, your unwanted cars are extremely valuable to us.

    That’s why we purchase various conditions of vehicles from all over Australia and use them for parts and metals. The majority of the cars we buy get used for the recyclable metal found in the body, and the rest of the usable spare parts are fixed and later sold by us at affordable rates.

    If you have an old car and don’t want to sell it to a junk yard, contact us today. We recycle most vehicle components without sending any truck part of it to the landfills.